Three Ways to Get Noticed as a Musician


Getting recognised for your singing and song writing talents can be a long a tough process.

Many people do not know where to start when they decide they want to be a known musician, but will enough talent, perseverance, positivity and a smidgen of luck, it can be done. The thing you need to focus on the most is getting heard by the right people at the right time. There are hundreds of thousands of budding artists waiting to be recognised, and whilst not everyone will make it as far as they want to, there are a few things you can do to make sure you are one of the ones who get where they need to be.

Create good music

Obvious but true. Your songs need to be memorable, stimulating, distinctive, and methodically recorded; otherwise people are not going to want to listen to them. You need to devote a lot of time trying out different sounds and working out what type of music you enjoy expressing the most, but also what type is the most popular. There are all types of ways you can learn how to make music like this, if you feel you need an extra bit of help, including attending a music school in Los Angeles, London, Ibiza or Mumbai, so you can learn wherever you are based.

Promote yourself well

You have to accept that, right or wrong, we as a society do tend to “judge a book by its cover” every once in a while. It is, therefore, imperative that you make an awesome first impression online when people come across your promotional photos. If no one’s listening to your tunes because your photos stink, that unfortunately means that you do too.

Increasingly often, websites such as YouTube and Facebook are giving people the platform they need to get recognised. It’s important you learn to distribute your own music to increase your fan base. You should have accounts with all the popular social media sites for your music.

These include:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• YouTube
• Myspace
• Bandcamp
• Buzznet

Be sure to include links where people can also purchase the demos and tracks you’ve recorded professionally.

Play lots of gig

Finding gigs or shows to play at will get your songs heard and will help you generate a fan base, by helping you make a name for yourself. Gigs can come in all shapes and sizes, and when you’re first starting out in the business, any small amount of exposure you get can be a huge help.

There are many events that you can get recognised at, including:

• Charity events
• Local sports matches
• Fairs
• Pubs, clubs, lounges, and cafes
• Weddings and parties
• Concerts, exhibitions, and battle of the bands nights


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