How To Avoid Common Mistakes While Playing the Violin


The violin is a demanding and capricious instrument.

It is a popular choice for children. When a professional violinist plays, the viewer sees a beautiful picture and hears amazing music. Looking at the musician, it seems that playing the violin is easy and does not require much effort, which may lead you to learn violin. Playing and learning violin lessons can be easier if you have ever played any other instrument.

But for this, you need a certain level of discipline, hard work, and dedication while learning the new skills of the violin. Whether you are a beginner or have little bit knowledge about the violin, there are major things that you need to know because mistakes can hinder your progress to get succeeded. So, while playing the violin, you need to avoid these below-mentioned mistakes.

Do not Pick the Wrong Violin

There are different sizes and types of violins, from which 8 are main. So, it is important to choose the best one which is suitable for you. For measuring the correct size for yourself, you need to start at the neck and go to the wrist and palm of the hand. The best possible approach to choose a violin for your child is to consider possible growth spurts.

Moreover, violins come in different brands and knowledge levels. There are 3 categories like a student, intermediate and professional. So, try out several and buy the perfect and most comfortable instrument that will fit for you.

Do not Try to Play Without Knowing the Craft

Some people make the decision to try something new without investigating the craft. While learning the violin, prior experience of playing any instrument matters a lot. This may lead you to choose the step of learning violin lessons. Because it is not as much easy to play the violin as it is easy to pick up a manual or watch videos. So, you have to be a little bit familiar with the piano, so you can help yourself to the play violin. for this, you need to seek the help of a professional instructor.

Learn the Right Postures of Playing the Violin

In the beginning, you have to pay attention to your posture. Distribute the weight evenly on both legs and balance the rhythm while playing. Playing the violin requires a relaxed neck, back and shoulders. So, prepare and relax your shoulders before installing the tool. Put the violin on the collarbone and hold it with your cheekbone.
The shoulder should not strain and move. Breathe smoothly, avoid wheezing during the play. Uneven breathing interferes with clean performance. You also need to remember that your upper arms will get a good work-out. So, sit-up straight and plant your feet firmly on the ground to control the core area. This will automatically strengthen your muscles and enhance your posture capabilities.

Learn the Proper Techniques

Doing the practice in the right way will make you master and perfect in your profession. A technique is important in order to perfect the craft of playing the violin. Whether you are a beginner or teaching yourself, you still need someone who can grade your performance. To get skilled in violin lesson, you need an instructor and encouragement, so you can enhance your techniques from time to time. You can make yourself better when you will take the constructive criticism in the right way.

Do not Being Rough & Reckless with Bow

Be careful with the direction of the bow and the heavy hand. The creak is obtained when a novice musician transfers the weight of his right hand to the bow. Then the bow does not slide along the strings, creating music, but rattles like a cart that is being dragged without wheels.

Give Attention to the Posture of Elbow

The tightness of the arms, shoulders, wrist. Look at the violinists – the movements of the right hand are smooth, wavy, and the musician looks calm and relaxed. To prevent squeaking, direct your right hand upwards, writing out a semicircle with your elbow. This method removes excess weight, and the bow moves smoothly and easily. A common mistake is to move the elbow strictly down, transferring the weight of the hand to the tool.

Doing the Violin Practice Daily

As a general rule, you need to divide your time to practising and focusing on your solo repertoire. By following these simple steps, you will automatically and undoubtedly make improvement in your skills and techniques. It will also lead you to a more productive practice session. So, do not forget about home workouts and do practice on daily-basis for around 20-30 minutes. This approach is more effective than rare and prolonged classes.

Final Words

Finally, your goal is to play freely, but not loose, without a sense of negligence. You should be focused, but avoid being squeezed. Carefully follow the movements of the teacher and do the exercises of the violin lessons at home. To learn the instrument more quickly, watch violin performances and learn subconsciously. Even without a violin in your hands, you will get experience by looking at a professional musician.

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