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Debbi James is a African-American, French & Israeli, Singer, Songwriter / Performer.

debbi jamesWhom is also the daughter of the late great actor Steve James (B/K/A “Kung-Fu Joe” aka “Karate Joe” who played in major Cannon Films movies in the late 80’s such as Delta Force, American Ninja, I’m Gonna Get You Sucker Etc.)

After her birth in France & residing in Paris for two years as a infant, Debbi’s mother decided to relocate back to Israel. Which is where Debbi spent most of her childhood years and not to mention that at the age of five Debbi James lost her dad to pancreatic cancer.

Then at the age of seventeen disaster struck again, this time it was her mother that passed away. In which her life then seem like it fell apart, she then moved in with her grandparents in Israel while she figured out what she would do with her life. Two years later at the age of nineteen Debbi then not knowing any English decided that she would move to Los Angeles, Ca. with her only uncle in the states and pursue a musical career.

debbi james musicNow here we have Debbi James speaking fluent English and in full swing ever since. For the last two years she has been perfecting her musical craft by working with reputable vocal coaches, recording with Grammy nominated engineers and producers and also performing at local and major venues here in L.A, NYC and Israel as well.

Debbi James falls along the lines of; Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Lauren Hill etc.

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