Musicultura 2015 – the winner is Gianmarco Dottori


Musicultura is an italian music festival born in 1990. It started as the “Recanati Award” and then moved to Macerata, in Marche region, in 2005. Since then Sferisterio, a gorgeus theatre of the XIX century, has been his unique setting.

The festival is dedicated to the new promises in the contemporary scene of pop music. It happens in various phases: two original songs are requested to each participant and, among the ones who send the application, 16 of them will be chosen through the live auditions. Only half of them will reach the three final nights.

In 25 years Musicultura has been confirmed as one of the most innovative music festival in Italy thanks to his peculiar formula and to the characteristic of drawing into the creativity of popular music without any boundaries among genres and without standard of exclusion, except those of quality and originality. At the same time the festival has also become a real “cultural container” for the attention dedicated to poetry and, in general, to “word”, nourishing the unconscious of a huge and heterogeneous audience.

Only 8 among the 16 finalists has been chosen for final nights of 19th -20th -21st June 2015 by the audience and especially by the prestigious artistic commitee, formed by famous italian artists: Enzo Avitabile, Claudio Baglioni, Edoardo Bennato, Luca Carboni, Ennio Cavalli, Carmen Consoli, Simone Cristicchi, Teresa De Sio, Tiziano Ferro, Max Gazzè, Giorgia, Maurizio Maggiani, Dacia Maraini, Marta Sui Tubi, Gino Paoli, Pau (Negrita), Vasco Rossi, Enrico Ruggeri, Michele Serra, Daniele Silvestri, Paola Turci, Roberto Vecchioni, Antonello Venditti, Sandro Veronesi, Federico Zampaglione (Tiromancino).

During the last and more important night the Sferisterio theatre hosted 4 of the participants, elected by the public in the 2 previous nights:

Turkish Cafe - Flo - Davide Di Rosolini - Gianmarco DottoriTurkish Café: electroacoustic pop-rock band from Marche region, born in 2008 with Juliàn (guitar) Veronica (voice) and Simone (double bass).

Davide Di Rosolini fantartistic and eclectic songwriter from Modica.

Flo a neapolitan songwriter for the second year among the last four artist on the stage.

Gianmarco Dottori from Rome, that performed also on “The Voice” stage, a popular music tv program in Italy.



Gianmarco Dottori -  Musicultura 2015 - Macerata

Gianmarco Dottori
The Blanket Studios

The absolut winner of this XXVI edition of Musicultura has been Gianmarco Dottori.
The acoustic alternative pop songwriter is 32 years old and he comes from Rome. He won 20.000 € with the song “Dannata felicità” (Damned Happiness). His scratching beautiful voice and an unavoidable roman accent captured the judges and a clapping audience of 2500 that voted him at the end of the night. After receiving the prize he screamed: “Thank you Sferisterio – please continue in supporting who want to make music for a living. With this money I want to make presents for my musicians and buy guitars”.

Gianmarco Dottori make his debut in 2007 with a demo and the next year candidate himself at Sanremo Festival with the song “Faccio a pezzi il mondo”. He opens many concerts, like those of Enrico Ruggeri, Luca Barbarossa and Ligabue. In August 2010 he wins the Festival of Italian Song in Isernia and is among the 40 chosen at the Sanremo Festival Auditions.



Here’s the winning song “Dannata felicità”


Minor awards winners

BEST MUSIC AWARD: Turkish Café with the song “L’amore cade addosso”

CRITIC AWARD: Chiara Dello Iacovo with the song “Soldatino”

BEST TEXT AWARD: Ivan Talarico with the song “Carote d’amore”


Photo: Musicultura 2015 and The Blanket Studios





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