Top 5 music challenges of 2018


Our favorite music superstars are often very busy trying to create the next hit song, grow their businesses, spend some time with their families, or going on some much needed vacation. But they are also constantly aware of the importance we the fans play in their career growth and sustainability, and are always looking for new ways to keep us engaged. Sure, they could do some meet and greet, take on tours, organize concerts and do shows. But there are some fan bases that run in to millions, and all of these efforts would only go to engage a fraction of the fans who can afford it. However, thanks to the internet and socially interactive platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat), celebrities are now engaging and expanding their fan bases, through the use of challenges.

Music challenges are a great way to keep a fan base engaged,

because it gives every fan an opportunity to showcase themselves to the superstar, as well as discover and interact with other fans all over the world. To leverage this, all a superstar needs to do is film a short clip doing the said challenge, dedicate a #HashTag to it, and voila!! Here is our countdown of the top 5 music challenges of 2018.

#InMyFeelingsChallenge (Drake)

The undisputed number one music challenge for 2018 thus far is the “InMyFeelingsChallengeChallenge”. The dance challenge which took the world by storm after Drake’s release of his “Scorpion” album has been done by millions of fans all over the world. Just typing #InMyFeelingsChallengeChallenge in to any search engine will bring up millions of resulst. Contrary to popular believe, the challenge was not started by Drake. The first person to do the #kiki steps is instafamous comedian Shiggy of @theshiggyshow. The challenge then spiraled with millions of people jumping out of the cars in an attempt to be the ultimate InMyFeelingsChallengeChallenge winner. Though widely popular, the challenge recently came under fire from public authorities, who believe it is too risky. Some fans in Asia and the Middle East have been arrested, with huge fines paid for practicing the challenge. Funny enough, there is no price money to be won from it. But if there was to be a winner, Will Smith will be the champion by a mile.

Ausra Beleckaite


The Shaku Shaku challenge originated from the most populous West African country of Nigeria. The country’s arguably most popular artist, Wizkid, popularized the shaku shaku dance move in his “SOCO” single. With Nigerian music being the most consumed on the continent, the rest of Africa quickly caught the shaku shaku fever, which was then exported through social media and travel to Europe, Great Britain and America. The dance step is still number one in Africa, with other artists such as Tiwa Savage (who was featured in Forbe’s 100 most influential women) and Olamide incorporating it in to their choreographies.

#TeBote (Nio Garcia, Darell and Casper Magico)

Though released in December of 2017, Te Boté had what can only be described as a magical come back with its April 2018 remix featuring Bad Bunny, Ozuna and Nicki Jam. Fans quickly lashed on to the remix which now has over 1 billion YouTube views. Several million fans have released their own versions of this sensational music, with some going on to cash out from their versions by selling in online music outlets.


The gwara gwara is a dance style originating from South Africa, which is currently making a lot of waves on the internet. The dance style is similar to the skanky leg, but with Zulu-African twist. International stars including Childish Gambino and Rihanna performed the dance step in “This is America” and The Grammy’s respectively.


Our final, but not the least trending challenge is the boom floss challenge. The song originated from the song “BOOM” by Tiësto ,Gucci Mane & Sevenn. The trend was started on the Musically app, with contestants trying to outdo each other with the fastest move. Someone then thought it will be good to incorporate some editing in to it, which resulted in several hundred moves per minute. The challenge is fun to do and still trending.


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