Best Grammy Performances and Adele’s Victory


Adele cleans out the Grammy Awards 2017.

The british singer won Five mini golden gramophones at the Staples Center in Los Angeles relegating the pop colleague Beyoncé as an estra actor. Five Grammy nominations for Adele and five prizes won. Eight nominations Beyoncé, but only one got the recognition, and among other things onw of the less craved (Urban Contemporary).

Anyway The Weeknd and Daft Punk, Lady Gaga and Metallica, Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé made the ceremony of golden gramophone 2017 unforgettable.


Head-bangers and pop stars gathered on stage complete with all the flames and a possesed public, sideby side to sing along Moth Into Flame. The single is taken from the last album of Californians Hardwired … To Self Destruct. . Initially Hetfield and the singer are forced to share the same microphone due to technical problems, but it only serves to increase the rate of “nastiness” of the performance, which remains one of the most energetic of the Grammy night. To say, Lady Gaga at one point jumps off stage to do stage diving.


Ed Sheeran appeared on stage alone, without even a musician to give him a hand. But there was no need. All it was needed was a drum machine in the background that could scan time, a guitar and the scenic presence of singer to engage the public with Shape Of You.





With the help of some holograms, Beyoncé has staged one of the most striking scenes of the evening. She presented herslef as a goddess, complete with a halo behind her head, a golden dress and bevy of Muses in tow. Both the two ver sensual pieces in the lineup came from his latest Lemonade: First Love Drought and then Sandcastles. Needless to say, the whole performance has revolved around the future status of the singer’s mother, with many flower arrangements that recall the photos posted a few weeks ago to announce her pregnancy (twins arriving!).


Adele used her slice of time to pay tribute to the pitied George Michael, who died suddenly last Christmas. And right in the middle of the classic michaelian, Older, the idol singer of all mothers interrupted herslef, to start then with Fastlove accompanied by piano and orchestra. Finally, as always, Adele has caused chills to the audience with his hit Hello.





Introduced by Michael Jackson daughter, The Weeknd takes the stage along with Daft Punk. The two French robots have signed two of the songs from the new canadian album, coincidentally the same songs chosen for the Grammys: Starboy and I Feel It Coming.




The Time and Bruno Mars paid tribute to Prince with a live that would be an understatement to call it funky and explosive. Time actually collaborated with the died singer back in the eighties. Jungle Love was the Prince song chosen by Time. As for Mars, dressed in purple and holding the typical guitar with the same shape of the logo owned by the deceased singer, let some ass move to the beat of Let’s Go Crazy.


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