Buying Your First Violin: A Beginners Guide


Owning a violin is a crucial step towards becoming a master/professional violinist.

Since its creation in the 1500s, the violin remains one of those classical instruments which have had little change in design, but with a massive impact across all genres of music. So before you walk in to a violin shop, or go to see a Luthier for your first violin, here are a couple of steps for you to consider:

Buy from a reputable violin shop

This might come across as a given, but it is the first mistake most beginner violinists make. A violin isn’t like groceries that can be bought from any shop. When decided on where to get your first violin from, it is of the utmost importance to either get it from a master luthier, or from a dedicated violin shop, or a stringed instruments shop. Besides the fact that they might have a refund policy, it will also offer you the opportunity to know more about the history of the violin you are buying (every violin has a great story). You might even pick up a trick or two from the pros at the shop.

Stick to your level, and grow up the ranks

There are basically three levels at which you can play a violin – student, intermediary, professional/master. Before going to a violin shop, it is best practice to first ascertain your level. When in doubt, go for the lower level, get a violin that corresponds to it, and perfect your way up. The staff at a violin shop could also be of great assistance in helping you decide on which violin to get. You could quite possibly be allowed to test-play a couple of violins, before finally settling for that which you prefer.


It is popular knowledge, that a violin is only great as the material from which it is made. A violin’s wood influences everything from comfort to sound resonance, which is why it is important that you only get a violin made from standard wood (spruce, maple, boxwood, ebony, rosewood). The denser the wood, and the longer it is allowed to age, the better the quality and the sound. If you have little experience in this regard, feel free to express your worries to the owner of the violin shop. Some violin shops even have experts on hand to help you make that all important purchase.


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Violins come in different sizes and lengths, to suit the diversity of human stature. There are typically nine sizes, with an adult violin being referred to a 4/4 (4 on 4). These sizes are a function of the distance from your neck to your to the palm of your hand, at full stretch. In as much as this is the conversational standard of measurement, another great way of knowing your best fit is by actually having the violin in a playing position, and determining for yourself if it is comfortable. This is more practical, as it gives you a foretaste of what you are about to get.

Buy in person

A violin is such a delicate and sentimental instrument, which is why we are advising you to buy it in person. Walk in to a violin shop, appreciate the years of history that surround you, share your desire with the violin shop owner, try out a couple of violins, and chose your soul mate. It is important to note while performing, that your violin is more than just an instrument. It is an extension of you, a medium through which you express emotions in the form of coherently strung sounds. It is therefore important that you bond with your violin.


Just a violin is only as great as the material from which it is made from, so too does it involve care to keep your violin in good form. It is exactly for this reason that we have violin accessories. Amongst the must-get-accessories is the case. To avoid dust and the impact of other environmental conditions on your violin, you should endeavor to buy a violin case, and to keep your instrument clean at all times. Be sure to also change your strings at least once or twice a year, and your bow as it wears out.

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