Basic Vinyl setup for Novice


Nothing is too difficult in life, you only need the appropriate knowledge to get started. You can also become a pro when it comes to record collection. You are heading towards the right direction by reading an article such as this. This is a guide designed especially for you- yes you to help you with every requisite knowledge required to take you from being a novice to a pro when it comes to Vinyl setup.

Below are basic but vital things you need to put into consideration as a beginner in the business of record collection:

Are you ready to spend the cash?

art of record collectionThe art of record collection is an exciting one to say the least. Only few things offer the interesting vibe that surrounds grooving to the evergreen sounds of the past while keeping tabs on the ones still in vogue. However, you need to ask yourself if you are ready to spend some parts of your budget for the purpose of purchasing accessories like speakers, amplifiers as well as a turntable.

Make no mistake about this, this will cost you some money and this may even be huge depending on the quality of speakers (a pair) or turntable you are going for. Vinyl setup is a whole lot of fun, but never forget it can cost a whole lot of money too. As long as you are ready to foot the bill, you are definitely good to go.

Time, space and Energy

turntables, records collectionNothing comes on a platter of gold in life. Records collection is exciting, it however requires that you pay quality attention and energy too if you don’t want to be a mediocre in the game. Besides, you need a specific place to keep your equipment and records. Speakers, amplifiers and turntables are pretty fragile and are not built to withstand significant strain.
Hence, it is very vital that you set aside specific ample space to guarantee the safety of your equipment and record. If you are not ready to sacrifice some time, energy and space in your house to accommodate your records and accessories, don’t bother about getting started.

Impressive maintenance culture

As said earlier, you also need to up your game when it comes to cultivating a good maintenance culture if your equipment like your turntable, speaker, amplifier as well as your records will be safe for long-term use. Hence, as a beginner in the art of record collection, an impressive maintenance culture will come in handy too.
In case you don’t have maintenance as one of the skillset in your locker, you urgently need to get one if you are going to avoid the frustration of purchasing new accessories and records from time to time. Records collection is exciting and fun, it can be the other way round however with a bad maintenance culture.

Get realistic about the sound quality

Vinyl records have their own unique and quality sound, however, they do not compete favorably with CDs as well as lossless digital files in this regard. Hence, don’t be surprised to find out that your Vinyl setup is not producing the same level of quality of sound like the CD, it is very normal. In the event that you are not satisfied with the sound quality of your Vinyl setup, you can get an upgrade.
There are vintage turntables out there that can compete favorably with CDs or even lossless digital files. However, you must be ready to loosen the strings of your purse considerably to get them.

On your mark, set… go!

Getting your own Vinyl setup creates a more cordial relationship between you and music. Purchasing one shows that you are more than a mere listener to good music, but an enthusiast ready to squeeze every juice out of good music. The art of record collection generally is fun and makes you a step ahead of mere lovers of music due to your readiness to invest in music.
As long as you put the salient points that have been highlighted above into consideration, you are good to go on a long exciting journey into the realm of deeper connection with music so lofty only few are willing to attain.


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