The DNA of Music: Technics turntables for Audiophiles


Technics is Made in Japan once again !

Merging the love for music and the wide range of high quality audio experience of Technics team, it is born a brand created by music lovers for music audiophiles, offering the most amazing musical experience.

Technics is a brand for high-fidelity audio, owned by the Japanese multinational Panasonic (Matsushita) and founded in 1965.
In 1969 it obtained a worldwide success introducing the first direct-drive turntable Series “SP” best known as SP-10, intended for professional users and, in 1971, bringing a new technology for ordinary listeners.

In 2003, following an internal reorganization of the group’s commercial structure, it was decided to bring together all the activities for the “consumer” sector under the best known brand named Panasonic; later, it was decided to keep the Technics brand for some specific sectors.


internet of music, turntable slipmat for vinyls.In September 2016, Panasonic Corporation announces the return into the European market of a brand so beloved and representative: Technics. The new Technics Hi-fi models , the first in six years, are distributed in Europe beginning from December of 2014.

The announcement has been made by Michiko Ogawa, director of Technics project. Ogawa, who besides being a popular Japanese jazz pianist was herself Technics audio engineer, explained that the new products are based on the conception of “Technics Definitive Sound“, founded on decades of development and experience in audio technology. The concept consists of three main technical aspects:

“Accurate Digital Technology”, to ensure a signal transmission with specific characteristics in terms of gain and phase, and an ideal power conversion.
“Noiseless Signal Technology”, to significantly reduce noise and achieve perfect devices for digital audio.
“Emotive Acoustic Technology”, to achieve clear sound image and a feeling of depth in the acoustic space, thanks to an exceptional bandwidth and a high dynamic range.

The most important mission of the new Technics consist in offering emotionally involving musical experiences, unique for each listener

“We grow discovering each time new types of music able to move us. Unfortunately, over the years and more and more distracted by everything going on in our lives, we risk losing the approach to music, instinctive and immediate, that we had. With new Technics models we aim to arouse the feeling of “rediscovering the music”, helping the listeners to feel the involvement and enthusiasm that believed they had lost.

These are the words of Ogawa to explain the significance of the slogan “Rediscover the music“.


We have the audio in DNA.
Raising the Technics brand, they realized the potential of around fifty years of sound experience and they pass the DNA in the digital age by providing innovative digital signal processing technologies combined with new forms of design. A sensory experience that is not limited to the sound.

Technics products not simply produce sounds. Thet play an important role for music lovers, highlighting the intensity and dynamics of the sound. Staying true to the sound is fundamental and Technics guarantees to reproduce the audio signals as closely as possible, while maintaining an intense and crisp sound.

To get the “Technics sound” were established at least 100 internal rules. These rules include not only numerical performance, but also reviews of the design, material selection and exchange of views with audiophiles to establish and maintain the true “Technics” sound. This is the culture of Technics, thanks to which true excellence is transmitted by music lovers for music lovers.

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Official Website: Technics.Com


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