Metallica new album “Hardwired ” is coming


Metallica is an American heavy metal band, formed in Los Angeles in 1981 and composed by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo. With more than 100 million records sold, including 60 million in the United States, the band is considered one of the most successful team in the history of heavy metal and contemporary rock.

In November 2012, Metallica established their own independent record label, Blackened Recordings. The first published work through their label was the DVD Quebec Magnetic, released on December 10 of that year.

In 2017 Metallica are ready to launch a long tour to promote their new LP Hardwired … To Self Destruct and, according to what says drummer Lars Ulrich, the career of heavy metal band will continue for long after the last date scheduled.

“The only uncertainty is the physical factor. If arms, legs, knees, shoulders, grooves, backs, necks and everything else, … if everything remains intact, there is no reason why we should not continue to play for many more years. “

The four band members are, by now, pretty much everyone in their fifties, but still with two entire decades less than the Rolling Stones.

“I love the Rolling Stones more than anything else on this planet – said Ulrich – obviously what we do, and I’d like to discuss it, it is a bit more physically demanding in terms of energy that must be put into it. Songs such as Battery, Master of Puppets or One have this crazy physical energy, and pretend. If it were impossible to play them with the same power that they require,it would be better not to play them at all rather than run them ‘halfway’. That is the only unknown. I think mentally we could keep doing this for another 100 years. “

Some contemporaries of Metallica, like Aerosmith, have questioned the wisdom to record new albums, given the current state of the music industry. Metallica think differently:

“I hope we’ll continue to make records until the day when we can no longer standing up – said Ulrich – since it is certainly what inspires us and makes us feel still in the game. Compared with our peers that think differently, but the feeling of still having something to say is an important part of feeling vital, confident and good about themselves. “

“Hardwired … To Self Destruct” is the first Metallica after “Death Magnetic” published in 2008. “I think this album is in some ways more punk and slightly less progressive – has anticipated the drummer – it focuses on the riff and is more oriented on the groove. There will be the classic big ballad in Metallica style; It is an arrogant album. ”

I can not believe how “Hardwired” is bad. I listened to it a couple of times, someone made me listen it in the car. I brought it home and listened better. I like the nature, guys, it’s great. Jason Newsted


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