Who really won the Olympics games in Rio?


“Valeu” says Rio to the world, after hosting the XXXI Olympic Games. And it does so with a very Brazilian ceremony : music, rhythm, joy, five circles of fireworks with memorable moments, such as the Brazilian anthem sung by children, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the shoes of Super Mario Bros and the extinguishing of the brazier, while Mariene de Castro sings “Pelo tempo que durar” in the downpour. Sing in the rain and enjoy. It was a simple ceremony but very beautiful, a big hug to the world to recommend: smile and have fun.

Rio 2016 olympic parkThe show, produced by the Maracanã Filmmaster ad with Marco Antonio Abete Balich in the role of executive producer, began with the countdown marked by clock that in 1909 was weared the Brazilian Santos Dumont, father of the flight. It is an evening of biblical tones, between rain, wind and cold.

The Brazilians, with pounding rhythm and color, recall their land thanks to the most beautiful sceneries of Rio. MUsic starts with contributions of Basbatuques. Then it moves to the softest notes of the poignant “Carinhoso“, created in 1917 by Pixinguinha and João de Barro and sung by Martinho da Vila: “Meu coração, não sei porque bate feliz, when you vê” (My heart, do not know why , he beats happy when he sees you). These words bring 27 children dressed in white and with bright star in their hands. They represents the 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District, they sing the national anthem leaving the Maracanà in veneration: they are the new voices ready to renew life and the country.


Consult the medal collection we can all agree. The US has won the Olympics, in defiance of the cubertain motto emphasizing participation rather than victory. Indeed, they have ultra won, strong of the 121 medals that almost doubled the 67 that were awarded by British athletes, second in the standings.

One wonders if it is correct to use a single meter to compile the ranking, considering the sharp differences between the number of athletes and wealth of competing countries. There is also Russia, who won 56 medals with a reduced figure due to doping.
Out of curiosity, and a little “for fun”, let’s see who would win the Olympics if you were using other parameters.

Rio-2016-OlympicsIf we considered the number of medals won every 10 million of inhabitants, the ranking would be led by Grenada, a small Caribbean country, with a ratio of 93.6 medals every 10 million of inhabitants. Following we have the Bahamas (51.5) and then Jamaica (40.3). The United States of America should slip in 44th position (3.8 medals every 10 million of inhabitants), just behind Russia (3.9) and ahead of Japan (3.3).

The cityLAB website did the same exercise but considering the number of medals for every $ 100 billion of GDP.
Once again at the top of the list there would be Grenada that, with a GDP of less than a billion dollars, brag a coefficient of 102.2 medals (100 billion GDP). Then Jamaica with 78.5 and to follow Georgia (50.1). The US would 69th (0.67) and China 70th (0.64). Italy would be at 54th position, with a coefficient of 1.33.

Yielding less in the scenario world, we can evaluate every Olympic team considering the relationship between number of athletes and medals won. In this case Azerbaijan would be at the head with 3.2 medals per 10 athletes. Following Italy, with 2.97 medals per 10 athletes who would be ahead of the US (2.3) and North Korea (2.25). Russia was fifth (1.98) and the United Kingdom eighth (1.8). China would stop in tenth place (1.74). It’s just an unpretentious game but it is clear that the Olympic team as the American one, composed by 558 athletes, have more opportunities to snap up medals.


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