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If you’ve kept on top of your international music news, then you know about the recent Italian overtures directed at the Foo Fighters. Last month, over 1,000 musicians banded together in a field to play the Foo’s hit, “Learning to Fly” in an attempt to woo frontman Dave Grohl and his crew to play a show in their town of Cesena. The stunt went (surprisingly) well, and its video went viral in under a week, with over 11.5 million views and counting. Amongst those nearly 12 million was Grohl, who in his own video response agreed that he and the Foo Fighters would be visiting Italy soon.

If you wish you were one of the 350 guitarists to play along and successfully persuade a platinum-selling artist to tour in your town, then you’ve got a few things working against you. For one, you’re not Italian. Another mark against your name is that it’s unlikely that the aptly named Rockin’ 1000 Project (with over a year spent in development) will happen again any time soon. Last and definitely not least, you can’t play guitar.

While the first two details are out of your hands, you can most certainly rectify the third. You can easily pick up the guitar, refine your skills, and be ready should there ever be an opportunity like the Rockin’ 1000 Project in your neighbourhood. And you never know. This past spring saw over 900 Toronto guitarists join the cast of Once on stage to play the show’s “Falling Slowly” together at Toronto’s Ed Mirvish Theatre. So it just might happen.

To make sure you develop the skills to be ready for any kind of group performance, you need to keep a few things in mind. In order to be proficient enough to play along, you’ll need to devote a considerable amount of time towards practicing. Not only do you need to learn the notes, chords, and their associated fingering, but you need to develop the calluses, the ear, and the timing to successfully play within a group. Remember, none of these things can be learnt or developed over night, so don’t expect a miracle. But if you put in the time and try hard, you’ll get to point where your good enough (and confident enough) to join other musicians on stage.

Of course, you’ll never get your chance to perform in a record-breaking concert without the right gear. At the very least, you’ll need a dependable guitar and amp to play along on any stage – whether it be in a theatre or out on the green. As a beginner, the sheer number of brands of electric guitars can be overwhelming, but a little research can go a long way. Going to the store and learning the differences in sound can also simplify your guitar buying experience. Many beginners turn to Strats because of their bright, sharp sound that make them very popular in rock and pop music. Everyone from Hendrix to Eric Clapton has played one of these. But it’s up to you and your style. With the best selection of electric guitars in Canada, Long & McQuade has you covered. They provide quality instruments that will fit any style of play; and if you’re unsure about what yours is, one of their knowledgeable representatives can walk you through the pros and cons of each and every one of their models.

After ample practise and once outfitted with a guitar, amp, andall of the other equipment you need, you can tick off one thing standing in your way of making music history. You can join in on the next record-breaking jam session and play your way into the history books. And who knows what best-selling artist whose attention you’ll grab with your efforts?


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