Four Ways to Make Music Fast Without Getting Your Hands Dirty


We all know how exhausting it is to make music from scratch. You spend multiple hours glaring at various knobs and MIDI notes in your workstation and fascinate when you complete the task. Though this is a pleasant and fruitful process; however, if you are bound to finish it in a couple of hours away, then you would not have the patience to do it this way. So, better you find a speedy way to get your work done. With so many platforms and services on the web, you are no longer alone in this fight. Also, there are plenty of musicians out there who want to license their music to you. So, in this article, you will learn the four ways to make music fast without getting your hands dirty. Below are the ideas:

1. Hire a Freelance Musician

If you have already figured out specifications, such as instruments, chords, and song form, you can delegate the actual implementation to other artists. You can find a considerable number of musicians for hire on sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and many more. Some even sell their unique EDM beats or guitar tracks for just $5. However, you have to dig out the one who fits your style and happens to be available for your timeline. Also, you need to negotiate the license named royalty free vs ownership personally.

2. Use Samples and Loops

Online libraries such as Splice and Loopmasters, usually, organised by sound packs make it easy to browse and search from millions of music samples and loops. By default, they offer royalty free music free of charge which means you only pay upfront for the materials, but cannot redistribute them. By using the elements, you save time in recreating them. However, you still need to do the hard work of arranging them musically to form a complete piece.

3. Buy Existing Songs from a Music Library

There exist plenty of prominent music libraries tailored to filmmakers and advertisers whose sync licensing fees based on the nature of your project. For instance, if you desire to use music in a wedding slideshow, then the charges will be way too lower than a commercial film. The only disadvantage of using an existing song is the complete piece you get is a thoroughly mixed sound file, leaving you no room to customise the music to your taste and need.

4. Customize Music Using Integrated Elements

The online service such as Soundwhich provides custom royalty free music, which is a clever combination of all the ways mentioned above. Their analogy to the sandwich is self-explanatory. To produce music, you only heap music elements one by one to the mix assuming you are making a sandwich. Afterwards, you need to choose the choral, guitar, bass and beats to use. Soundwhich will organise and combine the music using the selected ingredients.


This creative process takes almost no time at all. Moreover, the platform offers royalty free license bundled in a subscription plan. Additionally, watch this video to see how you can get your work done within 5 minutes.

To summarise, the deal point is how much elasticity you need and how much time you can contribute to tuning the sound. Nonetheless, it is critical to deliver your music fast and get your feedback early in today’s fast-paced online business world


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